News from the Girls’ Choir

Meanwhile, back at HQ

While the Choir were off gallivanting around Holland, under the pretence of delivering sacred choral music to the people of the Netherlands, the Girls’ Choir was holding the fort back in Romsey. The Girls sang both of the Sunday services, which is something that we have not done before.

With the combined prayers of Diane, the Choir, the Crucifer and the Verger, there were torrential storms at about 6.00pm on the Sunday evening, which made it impossible to process down to the fields, as is the tradition on Rogation Sunday. Everyone was a little worried about how the cows would react to the red waistcoats, when they are accustomed to blue! Both services went very well and once again the Girls’ Choir rose to the occasion.

This term has also seen us participating in a concert for NCH Action. This concert was organised by NCH and was a combined concert between the Girls’ Choir and the Michelmersh Silver Band. The Choir received warm applause and many positive comments especially during the concert from the couple who were sitting next to Jeff. Do ask him for more details – but don’t mention packets of Tic-Tacs!

As we approach the end of this singing year, we look forward to the challenges of next year.