Andrew McQuitty enjoyed our recent Skittles evening

Stick ’em up!

The annual FORAC skittles evening was held at the Mortimer Arms pub in Ower on Friday 16. February. It was very well attended by about fifty Friends. Skittles as a game is a great leveller; on the whole the sportingly adept Friends seem to flourish no better than the averagely uncoordinated ones. In the past this event has been dogged by poor catering but this trend was emphatically reversed by the high standard of pub food provided by this venue.

For anyone who attended as a new Friend it should have been an excellent opportunity to meet most of the choirmen and their families and friends. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves; a lot of people were already discussing their arrangements for the Chester holiday and I understand that the evening may have made a small profit which will help with the funding for that holiday (well it might pay for a few miles of minibus use!). We hope that all the Friends’ events this year will be equally well supported.

There is a volume sensor in the bar which is programmed so that if the noise level rises too high a yellow golf ball shaped light on the ceiling flashes; it did this on several occasions in response to the booming bass of the scorer and the laughter of other choirmen and their master.

The barman informed us that in the event of such volume surges lasting more than five seconds the lights would go out. I hasten to add that some of the ladies were obviously relishing a night away from the children and if they did not let their hair down it was because it was not long enough to do so and that whilst unrestrained, their laughter was sufficiently lady-like not to threaten to plunge us into darkness!

Roll on Skittles 2002!