Punching above our weight

A boxing metaphor is not the usual way to talk about a body that exists to serve God but, in one respect, it is quite apt. Our web site gives us an online presence at least as high as many of the major Cathedrals. Here is what one visitor wrote in an e-mail to us from San Diego, California:

Thank you for creating such an informative web site. Brilliant! As much as I admire the cathedral musical foundations in the UK, of late, both my imagination and admiration have been fired by the parish church choir tradition of choirs of men and boys. In these difficult days when cathedral choirs are struggling to fill the quire with boy trebles it is marvellous to see a choir of men and boys thrive without the benefit of choir school or a major choral foundation.

I suppose I remain fairly optimistic about the future simply because anyone who has studied the history of this choral tradition will quickly realize that there have always been periods of peaks and troughs. The one constant has always been the inherent value of the musical training and experience singing a parish or cathedral choir provides and the essential wholesomeness of the activity. It is grand to know that in this age when society and many clergy alike are perfectly willing to dismantle a choral tradition that is a national treasure, that you at Romsey have found a formula for success. Long may it continue.

The site is updated regularly with features about the Choir and its members, joining the music list that is made available online every month. Dont forget, too, the new section devoted to the CD , where you can download a sheet of the texts of the pieces featured, as well as a a couple of tracks that you can listen to online.