October 2001 music list Music being sung by the Choir this month is as follows: Sunday 7 October: Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist and Harvest Festival, 10am (Girls’ Choir) Rutter: All things bright and beautiful Bach: Prelude and Fugue in B flat, BWV 560   Choral Evensong, 6.30pm Responses: Rose Sumsion in G Travers: Ascribe unto the Lord Guilmant: March on Lift up your heads, O ye gates Sunday 14 October: Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Palestrina: Missa brevis Matthias: The law of the Lord Hérold: Zampa overture   Evensong, 5.30pm Howells: O pray for the peace of Jerusalem Howells: Sarabande inMore »

Of Psalms and Scrabble Nick Gower recalls his week in Chester Having been on the last seven singing holidays, I thought I knew what to expect from this years visit to Chester Cathedral. But two things made this visit very different. Firstly, I had never heard of Chester so didnt even know where it was, let alone what sort of outings we would be going on. Secondly, it was my first choir holiday singing on the back row of the choir. I knew there would be a bit more freedom without having to stick with the other boys, and that the singing would be aMore »

Dennis Woodward died on Sunday 28 October. A loyal and active friend of the Choir, as well as an Abbey Guide, he will greatly be missed by us and a great many members of the congregation. Memories of Chester At last…I have climbed a mountain! Not in the Himalayas, of course, nor even in the Alps but, just the same, a real, purple-headed, Welsh mountain. I defied the pessimism of those who thought the ‘Choir Grandad’ might prefer a deckchair in the car park and followed the trail – and the rest of the party! Yes, I was last to the top, but I feltMore »

What the papers say Recent article in the Romsey Advertiser on our visit to Chester Chester Cathedral stands at the centre of one of Britain’s most ancient cities. Dedicated in Saxon times to St. Werburgh it became, like Romsey, a Benedictine Abbey. Following a period of extensive rebuilding, it eventually became the Cathedral of the newly-created Diocese of Chester after the Dissolution. Worship has been offered in the cathedral for over 1,000 years and, as music is a very important way in which the Christian message is communicated, the Choir of Romsey Abbey was recently invited to provide the music and singing of the weekdayMore »

Music sung at Chester Cathedral, August 2001 21 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Smith Psalm 106 Wood in D Ives: O for a closer walk with God 22 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Smith Psalms 108 & 109 Murrill in E Howells: Like as the hart 23 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Psalms 114 & 115 Morley: Fauxbourdons Farrant: Call to remembrance, O Lord 24 August: St Bartholemew, Apostle and Martyr Sung Eucharist, 5.30pm (Lay Clerks) Byrd: Mass for Three Voices Psalms 145 (vv1-7) Boyce: The Lord is King 25 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Sanders Ps 119 vv 73-104 Stanford in C Joubert: O Lorde,More »

September 2001 music list Music being sung by the Choir this month is as follows: Sunday 2 September: Twelth Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Harker in G Oldroyd: Prayer to Jesus Stainer: Jubilant March   Choral Evensong, 6.30pm Responses: Sanders Murrill in E Vierne: Lied Sunday 9 September: Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sung Eucharist, 10am Leighton in D Rachmaninov: Ave Maria Handel: Sinfonia from Solomon   Evensong, 6.30pm Bruckner: Ave Maria Franck: Pièce héroïque Sunday 16 September: Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Darke in A minor Loosemore: O Lord, increase my faith Brahms: Mein Jesu, der du mich   Evensong,More »

My other tank’s a Sherman The boys are eagerly looking forward to this year’s summer outing to Bovington Tank Museum, to be combined with a visit to the Splashdown at Poole. They will appreciate at close quarters just how large and deadly these engines of modern warfare really are…not unlike the cars they drive! Many of the treble choristers are coming along too… More seriously, though, we are grateful as ever to the PCC for generously providing the transport for this much-enjoyed occasion.More »

July 2000 music list Music being sung by the Choir this month is as follows: 1 July, Third Sunday After Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am (Girls’ Choir) Lole: The Father’s love Stanford: Marcia eroica   Evensong, 6.30pm Howells: Like as the hart Boëllmann: Toccata from Suite Gothique 8 July, Fourth Sunday After Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Gibbs in A Whitlock: Here, O my Lord Cocker: Tuba tune   Evensong with commissioning of Youth Mission to Uganda, 6.30pm Ireland: Te Deum in F Darke: Prelude on a theme of Tallis 15 July, Fifth Sunday After Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Darke in E (Collegium Regale) Attwood: Come HolyMore »

June 2000 music list Music being sung by the Choir this month is as follows: 3 June, Fourth Sunday After Easter Sung Eucharist, 10am (Girls’ Choir) Archer: Hymn to the Holy Spirit Boellmann: Menuet gothique   Evensong, 6.30pm arr. Leddington-Wright: Spirit of the Living God Harris: Come down O love divine Bach: Komm Heiliger Geist BWV 651 10 June, Trinity Sunday Sung Eucharist, 10am Jackson in G Tchaikovsky: Hymn to the Trinity Bach: Prelude in E flat BWV 552i   Civic Service, 11.30am Parry: I was glad Sousa: Washington Post   Choral Evensong, 6.30pm (Gentlemen Choristers) Poulenc: Seigneur, je vous en prie Responses: Rose SumsionMore »