Chorister Lawrence Dudley reflects on a busy week

On our recent choir holiday to Southwell Minster, all of the choristers were kept busy with a busy schedule of practices and services and daily outings. As the school where we stayed was about 25 miles from Southwell, this involved quite a lot of travelling in the minibus.

I enjoyed all of the singing on the holiday, but in particular I liked the Howells Te Deum on Saturday night. The trips included a visit to the Earth Centre, which is an exhibition about the earths history and alternative energy sources.

Also we visited an RAF museum which featured, not surprisingly, lots of planes and a tram museum where you could learn everything you ever wanted to know about trams.

Another interesting place that we visited was the National Trust workhouse in Southwell. There was an exhibition at the end giving details of the daily lives of the inmates, and the food and conditions were better than I expected.

A highlight of the holiday was the Friday afternoon games between Can and Dec including the assault course in the playground, football and basketball. Throughout the entire week, there was a competition between Can and Dec which consisted of a quiz on all the outings and overall behaviour. There was mounting excitement on the final night when Dick read out the final results, which were a narrow win for Cantoris. Chocolate bars were awarded all round.