The contribution to music made by Jeffrey Williams, the Organist and Master of the Choristers at Romsey Abbey, was recognised earlier this month when he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. This comes just before Jeffrey’s retirement from his post after a twenty-two year association with the music at the abbey. He will be hanging up his cassock for the last time on Sunday 4 January. The first service at which Jeffrey played was the Nine Lessons and Carols in December 1981 as Assistant Organist, a post he held for eight years before succeeding Anthony Burns-Cox as Organist in 1990.More »

As we began the busy run up to Christmas I couldn’t help but reflect on the last 22 years that I have been here. The first thing I asked myself was “Where has the time gone?” I have spent all but one year of my working life, since leaving university, involved with the music at Romsey Abbey. Both our children were born and have grown up during this time; they have never known anything other than my association with this place and they, together with Diane, have become wrapped up in choir life as well. I have seen countless choirboys grow into confident young menMore »

Twenty-five years ago: The Abbey Choir first used matching blue folders at the Advent Carol Service. Nicholas Smith – Head Boy on Ccantoris and son of Bob (still singing Alto) – was granted one of fifty County Music Exhibitions as a bassoonist. Raised music stands were installed for the Lay Clerks (they were later replaced and raised stands were installed for the boys as well as the men) . The Choir outing was blessed with perfect weather for a trip to the Isle of Wight. The party including the Organist, Charles Piper, and the Vicar, Revd David Shearlock, assembled at Romsey Station for the trainMore »

Former chorister Bernard Mordan describes his life as a Buddhist Monk The Abbey Choir is an experience that has never really left me. I sometimes wonder if it is my love of singing my prayers out loud each day. Maybe it is the comfort and familiarity of wearing robes, or the discipline of repeating a meditation practice until I’ve got it just right. Who would have thought little Bernard Mordan would turn into a Buddhist Monk! It certainly wasn’t little Bernard. After singing my final Sunday evensong in the summer of 1994, I was off to Dartington College of Arts to start a degree courseMore »

This year’s choir holiday took us back to Truro. My first choir holiday was spent here and now I returned for my last, as my voice has started to break and I will shortly be hanging up my surplice for the last time. We stayed at Truro Girls’ School, which was about 10 minutes away from the Cathedral. The dormitories were great. They were the biggest I have ever seen and the grounds were gorgeous, but best of all there was great food and plenty of it. My favourite meal was on the last night, when we had traditional Cornish pasties and chips with strawberriesMore »

Photo gallery Wheal Martyn china clay pit, destination of one of our excursions Bob Smith and others on the viewing platform above the pit Jeffrey Williams fixes the photographer with a beady eye on the tour bus at Goonhilly Earth Station Tim Rogerson and friends enjoy a game of croquet before lunch on Sunday …whilst the ladies look on Enjoying a Sunday afternoon cup of tea in the garden, courtesy of Mr and Mrs Julian Geoff Mordan, Mike Rowland and friends seek shelter under a birch tree Whereas Ken Stott and a group of former Choristers brave the sun As do his wife Margaret andMore »