This year’s choir holiday took us back to Truro. My first choir holiday was spent here and now I returned for my last, as my voice has started to break and I will shortly be hanging up my surplice for the last time.

We stayed at Truro Girls’ School, which was about 10 minutes away from the Cathedral. The dormitories were great. They were the biggest I have ever seen and the grounds were gorgeous, but best of all there was great food and plenty of it. My favourite meal was on the last night, when we had traditional Cornish pasties and chips with strawberries and Cornish clotted cream for afters.

Nick McQuitty and I were ending our days as head boys and were pleased to have such a great team of boys to work with. Jeff was ‘legless’ (due to a broken bone in his foot! – Ed.), so it was important to ensure he was given as much support as possible from all of us. We had some memorable outings which took us to a china clay factory and Goonhilly space station, where we explored the latest in modem technology and learnt all about what happens when we receive and make phone calls. But the best trip by far was to Perranporth Beach, where we indulged in some fine Cornish ice cream and took to the waves on one of the best days of the summer.

We also can’t forget our exciting evening adventure going to St Ives in a thick sea mist. That was one Choir outing where I can honestly say I didn’t see anything. All I can remember is seeing Dick and Mike leading the column up an endless climb of steep slopes. For once in my life I would actually have preferred to have been in bed.

Truro Cathedral was a wonderful place to sing and our voices seemed to ring out to the Te Deum by Herbert Howells. Some choir mums commented that they could feel the music vibrating through the timber of the choir stalls. My best memories of the singing was the Sunday evening when we grouped around the High Altar with heavenly scented incense fillin g the air. We sang our final ‘Thanks be to God’, ending a wonderful experience for Nick and me, with memories of six years of hard work, football, feasts, outings, fun and lasting friendships. An experience which I shall never forget.

I would like take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made these last six years in the Choir very special.