4 April: Palm Sunday

Procession and Sung Eucharist, 10am

Leighton in D
Weelkes: Hosanna to the son of David
Alain: Litanies

Choral Evensong, 6.30pm

Bairstow: The Lamentation
Bach: Valet will ich dir geben (BWV 735)

8 April: Maundy Thursday

Solemn Sung Eucharist, 7.30pm (Lay clerks)

Duruflé: Ubi caritas
Byrd: Mass for three voices
Ferrabosco: Vocem meam audisti

9 April: Good Friday

Choral Evensong, 7pm

Lotti: Crucifixus
Morley: Fauxbourdons
Palestrina: The Reproaches
John IV, King of Portugal: Faithful Cross

10 April: Holy Saturday

Vigil and renewal of baptismal vows, 8pm

Plainsong Psalms
Darke: Gloria in E (Collegium Regale)
Tournemire: Improvisation sur le Victimae paschali

20 April: Easter Sunday

Sung Eucharist, 10am

Howells: Collegium Regale
Shepherd: The Easter song of praise
Howells: Sarabande for the morning of Easter

Evensong, 6.30pm

Responses: Sanders
Stanford in B flat
Stanford: O sons and daughters
Widor: Symphonie no. 5, op. 42 (5th mvt: Toccata)

18 April: Sunday after Easter

The Choir is on holiday.

Sung Eucharist 10am

Bach: Prelude in C (BWV 545)

Evensong, 6.30pm

Bach: Fugue in C (BWV 545)

25 March: Second Sunday after Easter

Sung Eucharist, 10am

Darke in F
Mozart: Jubilate Deo
Mushel: Toccata

Evensong, 6.30pm

Bairstow: The King of love my shepherd is
Bairstow: Sonata in E flat (Andante serioso)