5 September: Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

Sung Eucharist, 10am

Stanford in B flat and F
Whitlock: Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face
Bach: Prelude in B minor (BWV 544)

Choral Evensong and chorister promotions, 6.30pm

Responses: Rose
Watson in E
Balfour Gardiner: Evening Hymn
Hurford: Exurgat Deus

Wednesday 8 September
Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Solemn Sung Eucharist, 7.30pm

Darke in E (Collegium Regale)
Harris: Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men
Widor: Toccata (Symphonie no. 5, Op. 42)

12 September: Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

Harker in G
Rose: We will rejoice in Thy salvation
Bach: Fugue in B minor (BWV 544)

Evensong, 6.30pm

Moore: Through the day Thy love has spared us
Franck: Cantabile

19 September: Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Gibbs in A
Anon: Rejoice in the Lord alway
Widor: Toccata (Symphonie no. 5, Op. 42)

Evensong, 6.30pm

Joubert: O Lord, the maker of al thinge
Darke: Chorale Prelude on a theme by Tallis

26 September: Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

Darke in F
Loosemore: O Lord, increase my faith
Bach: Fantasia in G minor (BWV 572)

Choral Evensong, 6.30pm

Responses: Smith
Murrill in E
Bairstow: Jesu, the very thought of Thee
Bach: Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier (BWV731)