21 August

Choral Evensong, 5.30pm

Responses: Rose
Stanford in C
Stanford: O for a closer walk with God

22 August

Choral Evensong, 5.30pm

Responses: Rose
Morley: Fauxbourdons
Farrant: Call to remembrance

23 August

Evensong, 3.00pm

Responses: Rose
Wood in F (Collegium Regale)
Wood: Hail, gladdening light

24 August: Saint Bartholemew the Apostle

Sung Eucharist, 9.45am

Fielding: Keep me as the apple of an eye
Peeters: Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi
Durufle: Ubi caritas et amor
Peeters: Concert piece

Mattins, 11.15am

Responses: Rose
Stanford: Te Deum in B flat
Howells: Jubilate Deo (Collegium Regale)
Rose: We will rejoice in Thy salvation

Evensong, 3.00pm

Responses: Rose
Dyson in D
Balfour-Gardiner: Te lucis ante terminum (Evening Hymn)
Guilmant: Scherzo symphonique

We return to the stalls in the Abbey on 7 September.