Download PDFWe cordially invite you to join us on a Pilgrimage between 7 and 16 February next year to the Holy Land. Our itinerary will take in  Haifa, Nazareth, Cana and the Sea of Galilee, Mount Tabor, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.

Tim Sledge writes:

Any pilgrimage will change you, but a pilgrimage to the Holy Land will transform you. The scriptures will be transformed as you read them, you will walk where Jesus and his early followers walk and be transformed, and you will meet Palestinian Christians and Christian communities and be transformed by their courage, faithfulness and devotion.

Walking on Holy Ground transforms because it is Jesus who continually transforms us. This pilgrimage is specially designed so that we can visit some of the key sights of the birth, life, ministry, and passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we walk in his footsteps, we recognise Jesus walking alongside us, transforming us as we go, our hearts burning within us as the disciples did on the way to Emmaus on the first Easter morning.

If you have been before, please consider coming again. If you have never been. This will be a transforming trip of a lifetime!

I look forward to travelling with you on the road.

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