PosterFriday 11 April at 7.30 pm

The Riding Lights Theatre company pays a return visit  with this powerful production, written by Bridget Foreman.

On a dusty road leading to Jerusalem, a woman stumbles towards her judgement. Just weeks later, Jesus will take the same road, leading to the cross… 

In Capernaum, the town they both call home, they are rejected. In the temple where they worship, they are condemned.  The synagogue leader plots to destroy them both.

Inheritance weaves the strands of the biblical Passion into a dramatic new narrative. It evokes the community where Jesus lived, the people who knew him best, the powers that brought him to execution. And in the shadow of the cross, it casts light on some of the women who Jesus stands alongside, sharing in their suffering.

Echoing through time, it renews our expectations of the kingdom of heaven and who might share its inheritance.

Inheritance is a communal experience of theatre and worship. The performance provides an opportunity to reflect on Christ’s Passion and space for the audience to make their own response at the foot of the Cross.

Time: 7:30pm. Admission: £5/ free for under 16s. Tickets available on the door.

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