An interactive Prayer Journey with Jesus

This will be a new addition to the opportunities we have in the Abbey during Holy Week and Easter to prepare ourselves for, and to reflect upon, the Resurrection.

You will find, around the Abbey, six interactive prayer stations representing events from the entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the Resurrection on Easter Day.

1. ‘Hopes and Dreams’ – Palm Sunday
2. ‘Servant King’ – Jesus washes the disciples feet
3. ‘Remember Me’ – the Last Supper
4. ‘Alone’ – The Garden of Gethsemane
5. ‘Sharing our Sorrows’ – The Crucifixion
6. ‘Resurrection’ – The Empty Tomb

Local schools have been invited to visit at certain times on Monday and Tuesday March 30th and 31st. Their visits, in small groups, will be supported by a team of volunteers.

At all other times, the experience is intended as a time for individuals to step aside from the busyness of life for a short while, wander around travelling at one’s own pace, sitting somewhere comfortable, engaging with the suggested reflections, interactive prayer activities and appropriate readings for as long as it feels right.

Each station will be numbered and will be self explanatory and it is hoped that this will play a valuable part in our mission to visitors over the Easter holiday.