Choristers singing
Choristers singing in the Abbey

Over the last couple of months, George Richford, our Director of Music, has heard over 2500 boys and girls sing to him in assemblies, held over 48 auditions with hopeful boys and girls, and offered positions to several new boys (we have a waiting list for girl choristers). George says, ‘The talent I have heard exceeds that of two cathedrals that I have worked in and is of a standard I have not seen before. The potential is enormous.’

As our final recruitment event this term, between 1:30 and 3:30pm this Sunday (13 March), we are inviting local boys and girls to Be a chorister for an afternoon.

Boys and girls will do some vocal exercises with local singing coach Alice Wratten, then learn an easy song with George. During this time, parents will get the chance to learn about the opportunity for their child from George and then chat to parents of existing choristers to find out what it’s like from their point of view.

At just after 3pm, the boys and girls will take part in a very short service, when they’ll sing the song they’ve learned.

If you’d like your child to benefit from this opportunity, which will build their self-confidence, help their reading skills and be part of something big and exciting, please text choir to 80818 or contact us online.