You may have noticed recent work on parts of the Abbey roof installing safety lines. This has been an expensive project, thankfully funded by the Romsey Abbey Appeal fund,
and it will allow professional advisors, contractors, and volunteers to access some of the Abbey roof areas safely.

We are looking for small teams of volunteers to help to clear the rainwater gutters, hopper heads and removing the vegetation from the stonework. By doing this very necessary
work, you would be saving Abbey funds, make a valuable practical contribution to the Abbey with the bonus of seeing the Abbey and the town from wonderful vantage points.
Our Technical Team leaders, David Newman and Chris Pritchard, and the Verger have all been trained and received certificates in the use of the harnesses which are worn and clip onto the new safety lines, you would receive induction and training from them.

David and Chris give a great deal of their time and skill in undertaking technical work in all parts of the Abbey, but the hopper cleaning and vegetation removal is not a skilled task, you just need to volunteer time, be in good health and have a head for heights.There are three sets of harnesses, so the teams would be small but highly valued. If you
would like to be involved please contact the Parish Office via or phone 01794 513125.

Thank you
The Fabric Committee of the PCC