We are supporting the Red Box Project and there is a drop-off point in the ladies toilets in the Church Rooms.

They need sanitary towels, sanitary towels with wings, tampons (with applicators), individually wrapped pantyliners, knickers, tights, small packs of wet wipes, small bags (paper or fabric). Please leave the items in the Red Box.

The project is a simple but effective scheme to provide young women in local schools with free sanitary protection if they cannot afford, or are too embarrassed, to buy their own. No tearful panics in the loo. No wadded up toilet roll. No missed lessons or staying at home. No anxious embarrassment. The Red Box Project believe that all women should be provided with the assurances that their ‘time of the month’ is perfectly normal and that the comfort that sanitary protection provides is vital. A simple scheme, made with love for the young women in our community.

You can find the Romsey Red Box Project on Facebook.