Lectio Divina logoWe are pleased to report that the ‘Lectio Divina’ group is to continue meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Wisdom Centre, Romsey, 10.30am – 11.15am.

The remaining sessions in 2018 are:

15th August
19th September
17th October
21st November
19th December

The practice of Lectio Divina as a way of praying the Scriptures has been a fruitful source of growing in relationship with Christ for many centuries and in our own day is being rediscovered by many individuals and groups. This approach to meditating ‘Lectio Divina’ comes from a Latin term, meaning ‘divine reading’ which describes a way of reading the Scriptures whereby we listen intently to Scripture and to what God wants to speak into our lives.

Lectio Divina involves us in four stages as we meditate together.
The first is ‘Lectio’ (reading) where we read the Word of God, slowly and reflectively so that it sinks into us.
The second stage is ‘Meditatio’ (reflection) where we think about the text we have chosen and are attentive to God’s speaking to us through it.
The third stage is ‘Oratio’ (response) where we simply let our hearts speak to God in response to what we have heard from the passage.
The final stage is ‘Contemplatio (rest) where we let go not only of our own ideas, plans, and meditations but also of our holy words and thoughts. We simply rest silently in the Word of God. We listen at the deepest level of our being to God who speaks within us with a still small voice. As we listen, we are gradually transformed from within. Obviously, this transformation will have a profound effect on the way we actually live as we take what we read in the Word of God into our daily lives.

At the heart of Lectio Divina is the understanding that it is a natural movement towards greater simplicity, with less and less talking and more listening.


Logo: by Eugenio Hansen, OFS