Sunday 7th October 2018

Please join us for an All-Age Eucharist service at 10am celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving. During the service, you are invited to offer food donations, which are collected and distributed by Romsey Foodbank within the community.

This is an update from Romsey Foodbank…

Thank you for supporting the local community during this season

Please donate any of these items:
Powdered Milk
Tinned Tomatoes
Tinned Spaghetti
Savoury Biscuits & Snacks
Sponge Puddings
Long Life Milk
Long Life Fruit Juice
Tea Bags
Rice Pudding
Pasta Sauces
Tins of Meat
Tins of Fish
Tins of Vegetables
Tins of Soup

We have plenty of Pasta, Baked Beans, Chickpeas, Sugar & Cereal already in our store!

We are unfortunately unable to receive any fresh products 

We would also appreciate:
Christmas Goodies such as large Tins of Chocolates, Tins of Biscuits, Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding (for Christmas Hampers)

We would also be very happy to accept any financial donations!

Romsey Foodbank is run in partnership with local churches facilitated by Freedom Church Romsey