Please check our website, notices displayed, and leaflets for up-to-date news on the situation. Announcements will be made at services as appropriate.

Coronavirus – COVID-19 – At Romsey Abbey and St Swithun’s

From 15 March 2020


  • If you have flu like symptoms, we would respectfully ask you to stay at home. Some Abbey services are streamed and can be viewed on the website
  • If you are unwell and need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions etc, please contact the Parish Office who will alert one of the pastoral team.
  • If you would like to be added to the prayer list or request a pastoral conversation with a member of the ministry team, please phone the Parish Office.
  • Should members of the clergy team or staff become infected and others need to self isolate it may even become necessary to cancel services and close the Abbey to the public.
  • The Parish Office is CLOSED to anyone with symptoms or who has visited countries with the virus, within the last 14 days.
  • For current information and any updates visit the Abbey website

The Peace

  • We will not be handshaking during The Peace.


  • We will offer Communion in one kind only (wafer only).
  • Priests presiding at the Eucharist, communion administrators and servers will wash their hands, with an alcohol-based hand-sanitiser.
  • We will avoid any physical contact during blessings or ‘laying on of hands’.


  • To avoid the spreading of germs we will be taking a retiring collection rather than passing the bag around the congregation.

Pastoral Visits

  • Best hygiene practice should continue to be observed in all pastoral contacts.

All Staff and Volunteers

  • We would like to remind all our staff and volunteers that their health is vitally important.
  • Please remember to wash your hands regularly and carefully particularly if handling money as that is one of the worst transmitters of infection.
  • Use 60% alcohol sanitiser as an alternative.


Our Flu Policy has been implemented.