There has been music in Romsey Abbey for almost a thousand years and today we are proud to have boys, girls and men continuing this tradition of sung worship in the most amazing of surroundings.

The boy and girl choristers recorded in 2016 for BBC Songs of Praise

Audio version of Lord of All Hopefulness

Our choir of boys are part of a 500-year old tradition, singing the top line in music spanning five centuries and specialising in early music and music from 1850 to the 1950s. These are the ‘golden ages’ of Anglican choral music. The boys sing with the altos, tenors and basses to produce that familiar yet distinctive English choral sound.

Our choir of girls have a more recent history and in 2016 we celebrated its 20th anniversary. Their involvement in worship here is, however, rooted in a far older tradition. The Abbey was built over 900 years ago to serve a community of nuns, who sang the daily Benedictine office.

In this respect, Romsey Abbey can be proud to promote and celebrate two traditions, both legitimately part of the worshipping heart of the Abbey and town of Romsey since the Norman invasion.

Led by our Director of Music, Martin Seymour, we offer a friendly, dynamic and safe environment where children and young people grow in confidence, focus, friendship, musicality and leave as well-rounded citizens, who are discerning, high-achieving and will carry the positive experience of being part of a church choir into their lives.

New singers  are always welcome please get in touch with the Parish Office.