Pop in to the Abbey Church Rooms any term-time Wednesday between 9.30am and 11am for a warm welcome, lots of toys and books, some art and craft or messy play, and some group singing to round the morning off.

We take the opportunity once a term or so, to take the children into the Abbey for a short, relaxed, talk or story time – helping them (and you) to feel at home in such a grand building. Some of our families attend church, many do not.

We also take at least one group outing each year – often to Peppa Pig World – as well as running a Nativity session, a Christmas party, an Easter egg hunt and, in summer, we’ve been known to enjoy paddling pools in the Abbey grounds.

We are very lucky to be supported by the Abbey Mother’s Union who, in addition to serving us with a welcome cup of tea or coffee plus drinks and biscuits for the little ones, are a great source of experience and wisdom if you want to discuss a parenting issue with them.

We currently have approximately 20 regular families attending, and always welcome more. Just turn up and introduce yourselves!


Check out our activities on the Romsey Abbey Children and Families Facebook page

Rhiannon Wilmott

rhiannon.wilmott@romseyabbey.org.uk / 07585 942944 or contact the Parish Office 01794 513125 / parishoffice@romseyabbey.org.uk

P.S. Use the side door. We keep the main door shut to discourage escapees!

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