Canterbury Cathedral music list Music performed by the Choir during the course of services at Canterbury Cathedral was as follows: 15 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Clucas Psalm 78 Wood in D Harris: Behold the tabernacle of God 16 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Clucas Psalms 82–85 Watson in E Howells: Like as the Hart 17 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm (Gentlemen Choristers) Responses: Rose Psalm 89 Sumsion in G Wood: Great Lord of Lords 18 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Sanders Psalm 93–94 Noble in B minor Wood: Hail, Gladdening Light 19 August Choral Evensong, 5.30pm Responses: Sanders Psalm 98–101 Murrill in E Ives: OMore »

July 2000 music list Music being performed during the course of services at the Abbey this month is as follows: 2 July: Second Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am (Girls’ Choir) Evensong, 6.30pm Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit Howells: Like as the hart Cocker: Tuba Tune (in memoriam D.T.B.) Bach: Largo (Sonata No. 2, BWV 526) 9 July: Third Sunday after Trinity Sung Eucharist, 10am Evensong, 6.30pm Jackson in G Wood: Hail gladdening light Whitlock: Here O my Lord Bach: Adagio e Largo from Sonata III BWV 527 Vaughan-Williams: Prelude on Bryn Calfaria   16 July : Fourth Sunday after Trinity* Sung Eucharist, 10amMore »

Mike Rowland considers the future of the all-male choir A goodly inheritance? Choirs of men and boys have been singing in our Cathedrals for around a thousand years. Few living traditions of such antiquity can match their enchantment, nor equal their power to enrich our spiritual lives. The fleeting beauty of the treble voice, in particular, touches us as perhaps nothing else can. The loss of this tradition, as we currently know it, would be unthinkable. Our own all-male choir at the Abbey is indeed a jewel in the Church’s crown, offering as it does the rich musical repertoire distinctive to the Cathedral genre. GirlsMore »

News from the Girls’ Choir Meanwhile, back at HQ While the Choir were off gallivanting around Holland, under the pretence of delivering sacred choral music to the people of the Netherlands, the Girls’ Choir was holding the fort back in Romsey. The Girls sang both of the Sunday services, which is something that we have not done before. With the combined prayers of Diane, the Choir, the Crucifer and the Verger, there were torrential storms at about 6.00pm on the Sunday evening, which made it impossible to process down to the fields, as is the tradition on Rogation Sunday. Everyone was a little worried aboutMore »

Memories and reflections on Canterbury from Dennis Woodward, honorary grandfather of the Choir family Finding the still, small voice I remember and treasure the affection and concern that the enlarged choir family showed to their oldest member during the Canterbury week. My car stood idle as I was adopted by a Choir Mum and Dad, along with their daughter, who not only drove me everywhere and it was a lot of driving during the week but at the same time gave me their warm interest and good company which I enjoyed so much. Wherever we had our picnic each day my old bones were notMore »

A personal impression by Anne Prowse, ‘Choir Mum’ Girls’ weekend away…with a difference! From the moment we climbed aboard the bus, the excitement and anticipation of great things to come was evident among choir and supporters alike. It was an unusual relief for Mums to hand over the responsibility for organising, controlling and entertaining lively offspring to the men of the Choir. However, we were assured that ‘no interference’ was the best – indeed the only way! I for one relinquished power very willingly and sat back to relax. If it was a long journey, I did not notice it. The driver provided several wellMore »

A personal impression by Stephen Brown, Head Chorister Placing responsibility on young shoulders I’m pleased how lucky I’ve been to move through the senior positions on Cantoris to be Head Boy. I would like to thank the boys for the support they have given me and the men for their encouragement during this period. My first major outing with the choir as Head Boy was to Utrecht in Holland. On our first day, we performed a concert with a Dutch choir and orchestra which went very well indeed. The orchestra played beautifully and both choirs did brilliantly. The Top Four did well in John Rutter’sMore »

Millennial tour spreads reputation even further Abbey Choir goes Dutch The Choir and supporters take a photo-call at Spackenburg. once a fishing port on the Zuider Zee The last weekend of May saw the Choir – and the Vicar – forsake their customary stalls in the Abbey for the windswept Netherlands. After Geoff Mordan had found our coach – Dave, the coach driver, was waiting in Palmerston Square! – the tour, organized by Dick Hewett, ran like clockwork and, musically, was a resounding success. Read on for a trio of recollections from different perspectives: Stephen Brown, Head Chorister on Cantoris Anne Prowse, a ‘Choir Mum’More »

Holy Week at the Abbey Our busiest week of the year in terms of services at the Abbey took place in mid-April. It began with the annual Palm Sunday procession from the South Garth, a garden in the grounds of the Abbey, into the Nave for the 10am Sung Eucharist, which included the dramatic Tudor anthem by Thomas Weelkes, Hosanna to the Son of David. A solemn Sung Eucharist, incorporating the ceremonial washing of feet, was celebrated on Maundy Thursday; Ubi Caritas by Maurice Duruflé was the communion motet. The theme of penitence continued on Good Friday with an entirely unaccompanied Choral Evensong. This beganMore »

Summer Organ Recitals at Romsey Abbey sponsored by the Friends of Romsey Abbey Choir The programme for this season is as follows: Monday 29 May Alan Spedding Beverley Minster Friday 23 June Carol Williams Yale University, USA Friday 7 July Christopher Nickol Glasgow Friday 28 July Timothy Rogerson Assistant Organist, Romsey Abbey Friday 11 August Michael Mizgailo-Cayton Millennium Organ Scholar Royal Hospital, Chelsea Friday 1 September Andrew Lucas St. Albans Cathedral Friday 22 September Jeffrey Williams Romsey Abbey Full details of the programme of each recital will be published when available.More »