Friends of Romsey Abbey Music

The Friends of Romsey Abbey Music (FORAM) engages families and friends in the life of all the choirs and helps them to keep going. Romsey Abbey does not benefit from the relative financial security provided by a choral foundation, as enjoyed by many cathedral choirs.


FORAM’s support, both financial and social, makes possible a range of activities that would be otherwise beyond our means.


FORAM events are organized by a working committee. Its terms of reference are as follows:


To strengthen links with the church by encouraging the recruitment of non-singing members and by supporting parish initiatives.

To encourage social fellowship, by co-ordinating and organizing events, and by communicating through channels including Keynotes, Open Door and the Weekly Bulletin.

To achieve greater general awareness of the choirs of Romsey Abbey, by publicizing their activities on the Internet, helping to organise singing visits to other locations, both within the diocese and further afield.

To support the Directors of Music in all aspects of organization, by raising and managing funds in support of choral activities, and by providing a forum for discussion on related non-singing matters.


We keep Friends in touch with both choirs’ achievements and the personal successes of their members. The current annual subscription to FORAM is £5.00.


We hope you will join us in safeguarding this valuable inheritance.