Funerals and memorial services

Everyone who has lived in the parish is entitled to a funeral in one of the churches even if not a worshipper there. In addition, the clergy are always willing to conduct a service at the cemetery or crematorium. Relatives or executors should contact the Vicar to arrange a funeral, or ask the funeral directors to do so.


Prayers for those who have recently died are included in the Eucharist every day. We also hold a special service on the Feast of All Souls at the beginning of November each year, to which we invite the relatives of all those who have died in the last year. We hope that bringing people together who have suffered a loss helps them to come to terms with their bereavement.


The burial grounds around the Abbey are closed to new burials. This includes the burial of ashes unless there is an existing indentifiable plot. The scattering of ashes anywhere on the grounds or flower beds is not permitted by the Diocese. We ask all relatives to be respectful of this and ask them not to scatter or bury ashes secretly.