St. Swithun’s

St. Swithun’s, Crampmoor, is Romsey Abbey’s daughter church. It was built in the Nineteenth Century to serve a rural community as both a church and a school. There were originally two other such combined use buildings in the parish; the school moved out from St. Swithun’s in 1927.

Regular services

    • Morning Worship (Family Service) : first Sunday of the month at 10am

    • Holy Communion : all other Sundays, also at 10am

Life Events

    • Baptisms  may be held during morning services by arrangement with the Vicar if the person lives in the Parish around St. Swithun’s or attends worship there regularly.
    • Weddings   Only two weddings (in 1994 and 2019) have been held at St. St Swithuns, for which the couples had to request and pay for, a special licence, sealed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as normally St. Swithun’s does not hold a licence for weddings.
    • Funerals  may be held here by arrangement with the Vicar.

Special Services

Special services are arranged for special occasions such as on St. Swithun’s Day – 15 July. They are publicised in Open Door and announced at regular services beforehand.

We welcome new members of the congregation at St. Swithun’s. We also like to keep in touch with people who are unable to attend church regularly but who like to be kept informed of events and special services.

St Swithun’s Church, St Swithun’s Close, Crampmoor, Romsey,  SO51 9AP