Our Mission

Living, Loving, Serving

at the Heart of Romsey

Living – Life

    • Called by God to live life in all its fullness.
    • Supporting and seeking the life of our town, our local environment and the wider world.
    • Enabling people to live God’s life to the full in their daily lives as much as within the church.
    • ‘I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ John 10.10
    • We worship and respond to God whose life is present in people and events outside the church as much as inside, through the Holy Spirit.

Loving – Love

    • Called and transformed by the love of God made known in Jesus Christ.
    • Having a heart and compassion for the people of Romsey
    • Loving God with all our heart and loving our neighbours as ourselves. Mk 12.30-31; Matt 22.37-39; Lk 10.27
    • Growing in the love of God through inclusive liturgy, worship and common life.
    • Recognising God whose love is close to everyone but especially those facing adversity.

Serving – Service

    • Called to the service of others and putting God’s Kingdom before self.
    • Serving the needs of our local community and contributing to the wider good.
    • Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.
    • Following Jesus who came not to be served but to serve. Mk 10.45; Matt 20.28; Jn 13.1-17
    • Recognising the signs of God’s Kingdom in the world and in the church.
THE FOUR C’s : a framework for living out our vision and mission (from the HeartEdge Network of Churches)


    • Day-to-day communal life, liturgy and worship
    • Congregations developing open, hospitable, welcoming approaches to day-to-day communal life, liturgy and worship.
    • We think it’s possible to be a church without being defensive or closed-minded. The Holy Spirit works as much beyond the church as within it - we look for God at work and join in.
    • God wants us to live before death as well as after.
    • HeartEdge is about deepening and widening the congregation.


    • Partnering with others in forming relationships, releasing the gifts of strangers
    • Engaging local need and addressing social justice.
    • We do unbelievable things when we start with our assets rather than deficits.
    • It’s possible to be compassionate with those excluded or in trouble, in a way that enhances community.
    • Care comes not from altruism but recognition of our own need, and desire to be transformed by the strangers God sends us.


    • Re-imagining the Christian narrative for the present
    • Visual and performing art and ideas, re-imagining the Christian narrative for the present moment.
    • Exploring new avenues of arts from expand and encourage new cultures within church and the community.


    • Finding income streams to achieve financial sustainability and grow flourishing programmes
    • Commercial activity generating finance, creatively extending and enhancing mission.
    • We think it is possible to have commercial activities available within Church that demonstrates a wider understanding of the Faith.
    • By allowing our assets - likes buildings and facilities - to broaden and appeal to a larger market we remain at the centre of our community, valued and considered by all.