Sung Eucharist

If you’re familiar with Church of England services, our main Sunday service is the 9.30 am Parish Eucharist, which features a sermon, hymns with organ and music from our choir.


If you’ve never been to the Abbey for a service before, or perhaps haven’t been to a church for a few years, we’ll try to make you feel as welcome as possible. Please don’t be afraid to say ‘Hello, I’m new here’ to those around you before the service.


The Eucharist on the first Sunday of the month is tailored towards families and young people.  A special area of the Abbey is set aside for parents with very young children. There is always something interesting going in, but do feel free to bring books and quiet toys to keep the children amused. Toys and 'busy' bags are available on request from the sidespeople.  


After the service, visit our Welcome Table and/or join us for coffee in the Church Rooms, next door to the Abbey. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.